A remote control interface to Workrave.

Sometimes it's handy to be able to change the workrave status from the command line, preventing micro-breaks during a presentation for example.

Probably best described by the help message:

$ workrave-remote --help
Usage: workrave-remote [options]

A dbus interface to a running workrave instance.  Allows getting and setting
of workrave's mode.  Bug reports to Joe Milbourn <joe@milbourn.org.uk> please.

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -m MODE, --set-mode=MODE
                        Set workrave mode, possible values normal, quiet,
  -g, --get-mode        Get the current mode.
  -R, --report-activity
                        Send activity notification.
  -t, --time            Return the current time.
  -a, --active          Return active status.

  Timer specific options:
    These options all require a TIMER argument which may be any one of
    microbreak, restbreak, or dailylimit.

    -r TIMER, --running=TIMER
                        Is the timer TIMER running.
    -e TIMER, --elapsed=TIMER
                        Return the elapsed time of TIMER.
    -i TIMER, --idle=TIMER
                        Return the idle time of TIMER.
    -p TIMER, --postpone=TIMER
                        Postpone a break for the timer TIMER.
    -s TIMER, --skip=TIMER
                        Skip a break for the timer TIMER.


You can download, or clone, workrave-remote from gitweb.