rtmc - a command line client for Remember The Milk

rtmc is a command line client for Remember The Milk. It allows task creation, completion, deletion, prioritisation and of course viewing.


Running rtmc for the first time will create the file ~/.rtmcrc and prompt you to populate this file with your API key and shared secret. Re-run rtmc and open the supplied URL to allow access to your account.



rtmc makes local changes to the tags of a task: if the task priority is set then the priority is added to the tags, and if the task's due date is set then that too is added to the tags. The format of the date will be "Dec 2010"; tasks due this year will be formatted "25 Dec", those due this week are formatted "Thursday" and tasks due today and tomorrow are tagged as such. Tasks due in the past are tagged "Overdue".


rtmc requires termcolor, pyrtm, and argparse, all available from the cheeseshop.


You can download the latest version or clone your own with

git clone http://joe.milbourn.org.uk/clone/projects/rtmc