I watched too many of Felix Immler's youtube videos, and bought his book, and he made me buy another swiss army knife. I got a huntsman, which is awesome, but too big, particularly compared to the wenger I had in my pocket from about age eight to eighteen.

OK, simple, use that old wenger? But it's a bit precious now, and you can't get them anymore. OK, but victorinox make some versions of the old wenger models, why not use one of those? Well, they're really expensive, and they don't have a small blade. OK, victorinox make some smaller swiss army knives, with small and large blades, what about one of those? Yeah, maybe, but there isn't one with both blades, a saw, and an awl. OK, well you'll just have to make your own ****ing swiss army knife then. YES.

The 84mm walker has a saw, a large blade, and a combo-tool. The 84mm tourist has a small and large blade, the two screw drivers/openers, the cork screw, and the awl. So, if we take that lot apart we can make something that has the small and large blade, the two screw drivers/openers, the cork screw, the awl, and the saw.

It's pretty easy, pop the scales off, drill out the rivets, re-build the layers you want and rivet it back together again with some 2.2mm brass rod. Pop the scales back on and tada:

If that was made from larger 91mm swiss army knife bits, this would be called a 'camper', so this must be a small camper. And it turns out that that used to be a real model. If you could get scissors in 84mm then we could make a huntsman, but you can't.

You also have enough left over bits to make another knife (and you've spent about as much as getting one of the wenger like models that were too expensive).