Provide a command line interface to the BBC iplayer. Get it here


Usage: bbcsearch [options] <search terms>

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -l, --list-stations   List available stations.
  -s STATION, --station=STATION
                        Limit search to only STATION.
  -f FIELDS, --fields=FIELDS
                        Fields to search.
  -a, --all             Show even un-available programmes.
  -i, --id-only         Print only the ID of matching programmes.
  -d DATE, --date=DATE  Seach on the given date, default is today.

Supported stations bbcsearch -l:

Date formats can be anything understood by python-dateutils, or "yesterday".

Available search fields are 'programme', 'url', 'available' and 'title'; if unspecified then title and programme are used.


Find today's Today programme, searching only radio 4.

   $ bbcsearch -s "Radio 4 (FM)" today 
   <b00kwhzr> 04:45 Farming Today: 19/06/2009
   <b00kwj17> 05:00 Today: 19/06/2009

Find "Old Harry's Game" broadcast on the 17th of June

   $ bbcsearch -d "17th June" Harry                 -- INSERT --
   <b007jvjx> 21:30 Old Harry&#39;s Game: Series 4, Episode 6

Find and play a programme:

   $ bbcplay $(bbcsearch -i -d "17th June" Harry)